Rap Star Drake Brings Bitcoin To The Masses With Saylor Video

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On Tuesday, Canadian rapper Drake took a significant step in merging the realms of mainstream culture and Bitcoin by sharing a clip from Michael Saylor’s CNBC interview on his Instagram. The post, reaching an audience of over 146 million followers, was originally posted by the account bitcoin_memes_daily.

Rapper Drake Endorses Bitcoin

Drake used the caption “Michael Saylor on Bitcoin,” and showcased a notable segment of Saylor’s interview. In this segment, Saylor discusses BTC’s superiority over gold as a store of value and its potential to transform the asset landscape.

The rap icon highlighted a 15-second clip where Saylor addresses a question about BTC’s role as a currency, to which he responded, “It doesn’t have to be a currency. Nobody is trying to buy a cup of coffee with their fraction of a building on 5th Avenue.”

Drake just posted @saylor and Bitcoins All Time High on his Instagram to 146 million followers 👀 pic.twitter.com/pDt761XzDe

— Steven Lubka ☀️ (@DzambhalaHODL) March 12, 2024

This is not Drake’s first foray into the world of crypto. The artist is serving as an ambassador for the crypto gambling site Stake and has previously been seen placing bets using Bitcoin for major events, such as the 2024 Super Bowl. Notably, Drake placed a $1.15 million BTC bet on the Kansas City Chiefs for Super Bowl LVIII, which resulted in a substantial payout of about $2.3 million, affirming his winning prediction.

Just a few days ago, he revealed his bet on boxer Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou. Via Stake.com, he wagered $615,000 in BTC on Anthony. The boxer defeated Francis Ngannou by second-round knockout in a heavyweight fight in Saudi Arabia. Drake therefore won his BTC bet again.

More Saylor Remarks From The Interview

Beyond the clip shared by Drake, Michael Saylor’s interview contained several other key insights into the future of BTC. He confidently stated, “Bitcoin is certainly at least digital gold. It’s going to eat gold.” He added, “If you could teleport gold from New York to Tokyo in a few minutes, people would like it.”

Saylor’s enthusiasm for Bitcoin’s potential was palpable as he outlined its advantages over gold, emphasizing the revolutionary aspect of digital assets: “It’s got all of the great attributes of gold, and it’s got none of the defects of gold.”

Saylor also delved into BTC’s role in redirecting capital from traditional investments towards more innovative digital solutions, predicting its inclusion in major funds and its impact on the asset class. “As it goes into other funds, it’s going to become structural,” Saylor noted, also highlighting the strategic importance of Bitcoin’s halving event in reducing the organic supply and adjusting its price to meet investor demand.

Reflecting on Bitcoin’s intrinsic value, Saylor showed his strong faith in BTC: “No, there’s no doubt in my mind Bitcoin was a better investment at $17,000 than it was at $65,000.” He aligned with the philosophy of investment legends, advocating for Bitcoin as a superior option due to its digital nature, global accessibility, and ethical foundation. “It’s the most widely recognized and trusted investment asset in the world right now,” Saylor added, underpinning his bullish stance on BTC’s role in the global economy.

At press time, BTC traded at $70,354.

Bitcoin price
BTC price falls below $7100, 1-hour chart | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.com

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