Dogecoin Tipping Bot Gets The Boot From Elon Musk’s Twitter, DOGE Crash Incoming?

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The Dogecoin tipping bot on Twitter is one of the main hallmarks of DOGE adoption over the years. The bot made it possible for DOGE users to easily tip their favorite creators without much hassle, and with this ease of use, promoted the adoption of the meme coin. However, it seems Twitter no longer wants the bot on its platform.

Twitter Suspends Dogecoin Tipping Bot

On Wednesday, Doge Designer on Twitter drew attention to the fact that the Dogecoin tipping bot had been suspended on Twitter. The bot which uses the hand @MyDogeTip was seemingly suspended earlier in the week with no explanation as to why.

To this end, Doge Designer tried to draw the attention of Elon Musk to the suspension. The account now displays the generic “Twitter suspends accounts that violate the Twitter Rules” message but there has been no response as to why the bot was suspended.

Hey @elonmusk 👋

Our Tipping bot @MyDogeTip got suspended for no reason. It was a good bot used to spread Dogecoin across the community. 🙏

— DogeDesigner (@cb_doge) February 1, 2023

It is also worthy of note that the bot had no other functions besides allowing users to use DOGE on Twitter. So it is possible that the suspension was made in an effort to promote the use of Twitter’s own tip feature which doesn’t actually include Dogecoin as of yet.

However, another Dogecoin tipping bot with the handle @sodogetip is still operational. So in the end, this means that the suspension was likely an isolated incident and does not mean that the social media platform is out to get the meme coin.

What Does This Mean For DOGE?

The price of Dogecoin has not really been impacted by the suspension of the tipping bot. Rather, the meme coin continues to follow the general crypto market trend, as well as reacting to news about crypto integrations that are coming to Twitter.

Currently, a possible official adoption by Twitter to use DOGE as a payment method carries more sway on the price of the digital asset than anything else. And with Elon Musk, who is arguably Dogecoin’s biggest supporter, at the head of Twitter, this remains a possibility since Musk has already implemented DOGE payments for merchandise for a couple of his companies.

Dogecoin price chart from

DOGE maintains its position above $0.09 support level | Source: DOGEUSD on 

Right now, DOGE is at a critical point. If the cryptocurrency is unable to hold the $0.09 support which has been registered over the past week, then holders will need to brace for another fall to the $0.08 level. On the flip side, a break above $0.1 could send it back toward testing its November 2022 high of $0.15.

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