Chainlink Primed For A Breakout: Top Analyst Expects Rally In Next Bull Cycle

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Chainlink (LINK) enthusiasts have reason to be optimistic as prominent trader Altcoin Sherpa, with a substantial following of 196,300 on the social media platform X, hints at a potential breakout for the cryptocurrency.

LINK has been consolidating within a defined trading range since May 2022, with its upper boundary at $9.33 and its lower limit at $5.52. 

Altcoin Sherpa, in a recent chart analysis, pointed out that LINK has endured “500 days of accumulation/chop/ranging” despite being a fundamental component of thousands of crypto projects. 

His sentiment is bullish, indicating that LINK could make significant strides in the upcoming bull market cycle, making it one of the few cryptocurrencies he’s considering holding onto. However, he cautions that it might not be the best choice for active trading at the moment.

$LINK: 500 days of accumulation/chop/ranging for 1 of the best crypto projects that is core infrastructure for thousands of projects- I think #LINK is going to do big numbers next cycle and is 1 of the few I’d probably hold. Not a good trading vehicle right now though.

— Altcoin Sherpa (@AltcoinSherpa) September 13, 2023

Chainlink Insights Into Development Activities

Adding further intrigue to Chainlink’s potential, recent data from a report unveils insights into the development activities of top cryptocurrencies. The report highlights the top 10 crypto assets with notable GitHub commits over the past 30 days, and Chainlink stands tall among them. 

This suggests that the development team behind LINK is actively working to enhance the project’s capabilities and features, which could bode well for its future price performance.

Chainlink’s consistent commitment to development has been one of its core strengths, and this recent data reinforces its position as a leading player in the blockchain space.

LINK market cap currently at $3.3 billion. Chart:

Chainlink’s Expanding Horizons

Chainlink’s bullish outlook isn’t solely reliant on technical analysis and development activity; the project has been forging meaningful partnerships with major financial institutions.

These collaborations aim to explore the integration of tokenized asset transfers across different blockchains, a development that could revolutionize the way assets are transferred and managed within the blockchain ecosystem. 

As the world of finance continues to embrace blockchain technology, Chainlink’s involvement in facilitating cross-chain asset transfers positions it as a crucial infrastructure player.

Chainlink is showing promising signs of breaking out of its months-long trading range in the next bull market cycle. Altcoin Sherpa’s analysis, coupled with Santiment’s data on development activity, paints a positive picture for the cryptocurrency’s future.

Moreover, Chainlink’s strategic partnerships in the financial sector indicate its growing significance in the blockchain industry. 

While crypto markets are inherently volatile and speculative, the potential for LINK to make significant strides in the coming cycle is generating excitement among investors and enthusiasts alike.

Featured image from Binance Academy 

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